Blood Borne Pathogen (BBP) Class

Approved BBP Class for the Permanent Make Up, Tattoo and Piercing Industry – The Most Educational, Fun BBP Class You Will Ever Take!


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This Blood Borne Pathogen Class is for any PMU Artist, Artists that perform Skin Channeling, Micro Needling, Microblading Artists, Traditional Tattoo Artists and Piercers.

While many states still do not regulate the practice of Skin Channeling (a form of MicroNeedling), there are some states that do and they usually fall under the jurisdiction of ‘Body Art’ Permanent Make-Up.

It is your duty to check at least twice a year on the ‘Environmental Board of Health’ site for your county and states updated rules and regulations.

The laws and information in Module 1 and 2 are from Orange County, CA and San Diego, CA.

If you set your business model up to ‘Play by These Rules’ your health department should pass your inspection without a problem!

You should read through these laws to protect yourself and your clients from cross contamination.

Anytime you have ‘pinpoint bleeding’, you run the risk of cross contamination.

Approved BBP Class Provider For: Orange County, CA, San Diego County, CA, League of Permanent Cosmetic Providers (, and

Curriculum Modules for BBP

  • Module 1  Blood Borne Pathogen Class
    For: Permanent Cosmetic MakeUp Artists, Traditional Tattoo Artists, Piercers, Aestheticians
  • Info
  • Safe Body Art Act
  • Registration Requirements
  • Information on IPCP and ECP Manuals
  • Annual Inspection Requirements
  • Downloadable Forms
  • Downloadable Articles and Books
  • Module 2  Blood Borne Pathogen Class
  • CA ‘Safe Body Art Act’ Laws
  • Tasks to be Compliant
  • Infection Prevention and Control Plan – You can Personalize this Plan
  • Exposure Control Plan
  • Module 3  Blood Borne Pathogen Class
  • OSHA Fact Sheet
  • Who/What is OSHA?
  • How Does OSHA’s Rules  Apply to the PMU/Tattoo Industry?
  • What are Blood Borne Pathogens?
  • What Protections does OSHA BBP provide?
  • Sharps Container Protocol
  • Practitioners Right to Refuse Service
  • Autoclaving/Sterilization
  • Module 4  Blood Borne Pathogen Class
  • Preventing Cross Contamination Pre and Post Procedure
  • Machine Cord Covers
  • Correct Use of Barrier Film
  • Disposable Items
  • Hand Washing Protocol
  • Techniques on Gloving Up
  • Allergies to Latex
  • PPE’s
  • Procedural Tray and Chair Set-Up
  • MSDS/SDS on Pigments
  • Pigments – What Are You Putting Into Your Client’s Skin? Jewelry Requirement Types
  • Module 5  Blood Borne Pathogen Class
  • Transmission of Diseases
  • Other Risk Factors for Infection
  • Hepatitis B
  • Vaccination Info
  • Hep B Declination Form
  • ABC’s of Hepatitis
  • Preventing Needlestick Injuries
  • Reporting Exposure Incidents
  • MRSA Skin Infections in Tattoos
  • Preventing Needlestick Injuries
  • Reporting Exposure Incidents
  • Module 6  Blood Borne Pathogen Class
  • Annual BBP Inspection – What To expect
  • All Forms are ‘California Safe Body Art Act Compliant’
  • Guidance Forms
  • Arbitration Agreement -1 Form
  • Body Forms –  6 Form
  • Consent for Artistic Tattoo Procedure – 1 Form
  • Consent for Piercing and Branding – 1 Form
  • COVID 19 Client Form -1 Form
  • Issues for Permanent Makeup – 1 Form
  • Medical Consent and procedure Chart – 1 Form
  • Personality Test for all OMU Clients – 1 Form
  • Pre and Post Care for PMU – 2 Forms
  • Procedure Report – 1 Form
  • Log of Procedures Form
  • Insurance Information
  • Additional Educational Class Information 
  • Ordering Supplies


  • The article connected to the link below warns you how serious cross contamination is.
  • Follow the rules in these BBP Class Modules, and you should not have to worry about getting and/or transmitting any diseases to your children, family and friends.

Your BBP Certificate will be emailed to you when your class has been completed.

  • If you do not receive your class link with 4 hours please email us at
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