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Skin Needling-MicroNeedling- Skin Channeling, From the Beginning

Targeted Skin Channeling will Plump Up Wrinkles

Skin Depth Guides for Meso Therapy, Micro Needling, Skin Channeling

Featuring- Dr Pen A6 and LED Meso Therapy Machine ‘Work Like a Pro’, With Our Proven Winning Needle Tips •Most Meso Therapy, Micro Needling Pens/Devices will take a ‘Smooth’ or a ‘Ribbed’/ ‘Screw In’ Cartridge. •Don’t be one of the unlucky people that order the wrong cartridge. Not until the client is in their treatment…

STEM Boosting Powder

STEM Boosting Powder by Celltermi, is the #1 Professional STEM Cells designed to directly improve wrinkles, skin health, appearance, and nourish healthy hair growth. STEM Boosting Powder Anti-Aging Anti-Wrinkle Skin Brightening and Lightening Key Ingredients sh-Oligopeptide 1(EGH) sh-Polypeptide-1(bFGF) Human Umbilical Mesenchymal Stem Cell STEM comes in powder form that will stay true to its form…

SEANERGY Spicule Peel

Seanergy Spicule Peel

Benefits of the SEANERGY Spicule Peel Skin Regeneration is accelerated Improves the skin’s immune system Soothes and moisturizes the skin Unfortunately, intact healthy skin usually absorbs about only 7% of skin care product ingredients. Brilliant Results – When using spicule, the absorption of ingredients this may go to 15%+. You can add Spicule to your…

Easy, Skin Care Serum Directions

Stem Cells, Growth Factors

Best, ‘How to Apply Tips’ for Skin Care Applications TOTAL SKIN CARE SOLUTIONS FOR: Repairing, Activating, Rejuvenating Skin CELLTERMI contains growth factors that have been developed on the foundation of research results accumulated through researches founded on skin cells. Such grown factors assist with maintenance of homeostasis of the skin by activating the damaged and…

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