Celltermi Professional Information

Skin Care Products that Really Work!

Celltermi Products are Developed, testes and Approved by Physicians! ♥ CHAMED is the Leader in ‘Stem Cell Research’

♥ All serums are in sterile vials.

♥ All product vials are manufactured for 1 individual procedure application.

♥ Serums are ‘CLINICAL STRENGTH’ giving you superior skin care results.

♥ Do not use if packaging is damaged.

♥ Store products at room temperature.

♥ Keep products out of sunlight and in a dry cabinet.

♥ Follow instructions/educators guidelines for procedure application.

♥ Use for topical application.

♥ NEVER reuse product on another patient.

When Using Both a ‘SOLUTION and a ‘BOOSTER‘:

♥ When using a ‘SOLUTION and a ‘BOOSTER’:

 1. Pour the desired SOLUTION INTO THE desired BOOSTER VIAL.

2. SHAKE UNTIL BOOSTER is dissolved

3. Put dropper lid on vial for easy distribution of serums.

4. Apply product to patient in procedure areas.       

‘Precautions’ for Celltermi Serums Treatments

♥ Take a through patient evaluation.

♥ In the past 14 days – If the patient has had an:

          – Invasive Chemical Peel

          Laser Treatment

          – Dermabrasion Procedure

          – Fillers or Botox

 Or other treatment that has left the skin ‘NON INTACT’


Patients Demand the Most Effective Products!

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