STEM Boosting Powder

STEM Boosting Powder by Celltermi, is the #1 Professional STEM Cells designed to directly improve wrinkles, skin health, appearance, and nourish healthy hair growth.

Add to Any Skin Care Serum for Extended Benefits!

STEM Boosting Powder

  • Anti-Aging
  • Anti-Wrinkle
  • Skin Brightening and Lightening

Key Ingredients

sh-Oligopeptide 1(EGH)


Human Umbilical Mesenchymal Stem Cell

STEM comes in powder form that will stay true to its form until the day of use.

Celltermi Stem is a Boosting Powder which can be mixed (In a 1 to 1 Ratio) with:

STEM Boosting Powder by Celltermi, is made of ‘Human Umbilical Mesenchymal Stem Cell Conditioned Media’ that contains abundant growth factors concerning Anti-Aging and Skin-Regeneration!

What makes Celltermi Stem the Best Stem Cell?

  • STEM by Celltermi is derived from the umbilical cord. Using cytokines and growth factors, results are technologically advanced compared to some outdated products made from bone marrow.
  • Have you ever purchased a STEM Cell serum that was diluted with some form of liquid prior to application?
  • STEM Cells by Celltermi, are safely ‘freeze dried’ and will stay true to its form until the day of use.
  • Mix STEM by Celltermi, with one of our amazing peptides such as PURE or LIPO for optimum results!
  • You can also mix STEM by Celltermi, with Celltermi Gels and Peptosome Repair Cream to rejuvenate your skin.

Anti -Wrinkle

CHA-HSCM (Human Stem Cell Conditioned Media)

  • Stem cells secrete high levels of growth factors: EGF, VEGF, bFGF, KGF, HGF, TGF-b, IGF-1, KGF, GM-CSF .
  • Approximately 250 kinds of growth factors are generated while culturing stem cells as they promote cell separation, growth and differentiation. Various proteins similar to those inside of the body help to prevent or improve skin damage, and with a rich moisturizing effect, make the skin smooth and supple.
ANTI-WRINKLE Clinical Test

Skin Lightening and Brightening

HSCM was found to inhibit the activity of the enzyme in melanocytes dramatically and thus blocks the pigment synthesis from the initial point. Not only the activity but it also suppresses the expression of the tyrosinase gene, thus blocking the synthesis of the enzyme itself.

Melanin Reduction

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