Peptosome Repair Cream Moisturizer

Cell Determination for Skin Beauty

Peptosome Repair Cream Moisturizer

  • Nurtures Fatigued Skin
  • Soothes Irritated Skin
  • Plumps Up Dry Skin
  • Moisturizes Skin
  • Anti-Aging
  • Anti-Wrinkle

Key Ingredients

Fatty Acids

Peptosome Repair Cream Moisturizer
by Celltermi, is simply the best moisturizer we have used in years! …and we have tried dozens of them.
PRCM was formulated to nurture fatigued and irritated skin into healthy and resilient skin by densely filling the dried skin with moisture.

  • Contains 10% CHA-PEPTOSOME
  • Non-sticky highly concentrated regenerative cream.
  • Clinically proven effects of perfect moisturization and wrinkle improvements.
Peptosome Repair Cream
Peptosome Repair Cream Clinically Proven Regenerative Cream
  • According to Top PMU, MicroNeedling, aka CRT / Nano Channeling Master Educator Julianne Galla, she discovered the secret to silky feeling hands and feet –
    She was returning from an overseas trip. Her suitcases and carry on were all stretched to the max, with zippers about to burst, she only had a small amount of her Repair Cream left in the jar and knew it would not fit in her bag. The ever resourceful master educator gave her aching feet and hands a big treat. “Apply a small amount to hands and feet daily. Massage into skin for improved moisture”. So, we tried her suggestion. At last, we have found a solution to dry cracked feet. …and we are loving it! Now our tired feet, overworked hands and stressed face can feel fantastic all day long! To add moisture to your face and hands while flying, apply a few quick sprays of Peptosome Repair Essence Mist and lightly massage into the skin. These 2 products are the unrivaled skin treats especially for an overseas flight. She is one smart educator!
  • Also, the Peptosome Repair Cream makes the most amazing cuticle moisturizer. We have a small round container that we carry in our purses. Once others see what we are doing and the instant results, they are sold on the moisturizer as well!
  • Cha-Peptosome is a combination work of CHA patented peptides and liposome technology specializing in delivery vehicles that serve multiple roles in enhancing the capabilities of active ingredients.
  • Phytosphingosine and ceramide, cholesterol, and fatty acids, which are components of the skin fluid, are prescribed in the optimal ratio to strengthen the weakened skin barrier and make the skin healthier.
  • CHA-8 wrinkle care peptide is a compound which is specialized for wrinkle care improvement and skin regeneration, providing excellent anti-aging effects through the complex action of growth factors.
2 of Our Favorite Beauty Products. OPI Nail Polish and Peptosome Repair Cream!

Order Yours Today! Your Skin Will Thank You! Peptosome Repair Cream Moisturizer
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