Magic Gel Anesthesia


Magic Anesthetic has revolutionized the use of topical anesthetics in the Permanent Makeup, Microblading, Micropigmentation and Traditional Artistic Tattoo industry.

Developed and tested by the renown International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics, Magic has quickly gained a reputation as the fastest working, most effective topical on the market for permanent makeup. Magic Anesthetics success comes from its easy-to-use gel form and chemical makeup containing 5% Lidocaine, 2% Tetracaine and .02% Epinephrine. For off-label use, offers pain relief for intact skin (anorectal monograph).

Appropriately named Magic by technicians in the industry, this product works best on skin that has already been broken, but is also efficient as a pre-procedure numbing agent and helps prevent post-procedure swelling.

Magic Anesthetic is offered exclusively by PMUP, the leader in permanent cosmetics products. 1oz. bottle.

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