SEANERGY Spicule Peel

Seanergy Spicule Peel
Spicule Sea Sponge provides a great skin peel.
SEANERGY Spicule Peel, Sponge for Microneedling
  • Benefits of the SEANERGY Spicule Peel
  • Skin Regeneration is accelerated
  • Improves the skin’s immune system
  • Soothes and moisturizes the skin
  • Unfortunately, intact healthy skin usually absorbs about only 7% of skin care product ingredients.
  • Brilliant Results – When using spicule, the absorption of ingredients this may go to 15%+.
  • You can add Spicule to your regular skin care products to boost your skin care results.
  • There are little to no contraindications to spicules*.
  • Products are for Professional Use.
  • * Word of Caution! – We do not recommend this peel if you are allergic to fish or any seafood.
  • * Always perform a patch test prior to using any new product on the skin.


3 Ways to Get Your Seanergy Manual

Retail Value of $90.00

  • Here’s 3 ways on how you can GRAB YOUR COPY of the Instruction Manual! ($90.00 Value)
  • Want a FREE Copy of the SEANERGY Manual?
  • It’s EASY!
  • # 1. Purchase 6 Seanergy Spicule Peels from PMSC & the  Seanergy Instruction Manual is FREE!
  • # 2. Purchase 4 Seanergy Spicule Peels from PMSC & the Seanergy Instruction Manual is only $30.00!
  • # 3. No Purchase Necessary -You can purchase the Seanergy Instruction Manual outright for only  $90.00
  • Every Skin Type Can Benefit From The Spicule Peel!
  • Our SEANERGY PEEL MANUAL uses easy to understand bullet points and photos.
  • We are told that our ‘Client Consultation Form’ is the most complete form there is.
  • Utilizing information from my ‘Expert Witness’ cases, our ‘Post Treatment Care’ covers all the bases for success.

  • Included in This SEANERGY PEEL MANUAL
  • Information on:
  • How to Conduct a Proven, Easy, Expert-Approved ‘Pre-Procedure Consultation’
  • Tips for a Successful Peel Application
  • More Tips for a Successful Application
  • Even More Tips for a Successful Application
  • PROPER – HOW TO – Take Quality Photos of Your Clients Skin to Post on Social Media
  • SEANERGY – Ingredients for Spicule Powder and Peel Solution Benefits of Each Main Ingredient
  • What is a SPICULE?
  • What is a SEANERGY Peel?
  • Effective Spicule
  • Pre and Post Photos
  • What Skin Types Benefit From SEANERGY Skin Peel?
  • Exact Proportions for Each Depth of Peel
  • Results Expected From Each Peel
  • Products That Enhance Your Peel Results
  • Treatment Protocol
  • What to Expect During Your Post Treatment
  • Post Treatment Care
  • Expert Tips for Beautiful Healing Results

6 Professional Files For You to Print Out & Use!

1. ‘10 Steps to a Successful Peel’
2. ‘CHEAT SHEET’ for 3 SEANERGY Peel Strengths
3. ‘Company Policy’ for your business and clients
4. Client Professional Detailed ‘Skin Consultation’ Form
5. Client Professional Detailed ‘Procedure Report’ Form
6. Professional Detailed ‘Post Care’ SEANERGY Peel Form

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